Omega Center for World Missions


Omega Center For World Missions

An Apostolic Center committed to catalyzing the Church and Missions community until there is a worshipping community among all the tribes and people of the world.

We are an Apostolic Center

We serve the Church, Missions Community andunreached people groups to bring all Nations on bended knees to worship Jesus.

We are a communicating Center

We communicate His eternal and global plantoHis Church towards the end that they will participate in His Mission of bringingpraise to Himself from all Nations. We also communicate and promotethecommunication of the eternal message of redemption among the unchurched, unreached and least reached.

We are a collaborative Center

We promote and engage in extensive andkingdom building collaborations and networking to promote His global agenda.

We are a consulting Center

We facilitate and catalyzes the birthing of visionsand burdens that translate to global engagement of the unreached people.