Prayers For The Nations

Prayers For The Nations

Do you know that

…you can influence the world greatly?

… you can stand with Missionaries right on the frontiers as they serve?

… you can demobilize the Devil and advance the Gospel right among the unreached?

… you can make exploit for God beyond your physical abode as you exercise your spiritual inflence maximally?

Join us every month for 90 minutes as we win the WORLD for our Master in prayers. If there is a person willing to pray,there is a God willing to answer!


  • +Live situation reports from Missionaries serving across the globe
  • + Bible based and focused intense intercession
  • + Spirit empowered fellowship
Omega Misssion

Omega Misssion

Omega Center for world missions is an Apostolic center committed to catalyzing the Church and
Missions community until there is a worshipping community among all the tribes and people of
the world.


Omega Missions

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